Clay County
Memorial Hospital

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310 W South Street Henrietta TX
(940) 538-5621

Urgent Care Clinic: 8am-5pm Daily

CCMH Hospital Board

CCMH Hospital Board of Managers have the authority for the operation and maintenance of CCMH within the guidelines established by Chapter 263 of Vernon’s Civil Statues of the State of Texas for regulating county hospitals.  

Members of the Board of Managers are Clay County citizens appointed by the Clay County Commissioners Court to serve a term of two years.

Board of Managers:

Don Davis - Chairman
Bobby Reese - Vice Chairman
Jeff Pierce - Secretary
Deborah Clark
Judy Garner
T David Greer MD
Glen Jackson
Clay County Judge Kenneth Liggett


Jeff Huskey - CEO
Debra Haehn - CFO
Linda R Burleson - Admin Assistant
Deborah Clark - Chairman / Member
Bobby ReeseVice - Chairman / Member
Jeff Pierce - Secretary / Member
Hank Bullinger - Member-at-Large
Liz Kesler - Member-at-Large
Murl Nelms - Member-at-Large
Cindy Dean - Member-at-Large
Lee Gunter - Member-at-Large
Bill Knowlton - Member-at-Large
Sharon Fitts - Member-at-Large
Jeff Huskey - Hospital Administrator
Sheree Evangelista - TMC Representative
Shirley Visintainer - Auxiliary Representative